How to Get Started

The first step is the most difficult. Let's declaw it.

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” — Mark Twain

Starting is the most difficult part of any endeavor.

Finishing is a close second. Procrastination and distraction are the chief antagonists in the daily war of art. One or the other derails every attempt to begin. They hound you relentlessly.

What is the key to getting started?
How do you overcome procrastination and distraction?

Set a direction.

Start with your Why. What is meaningful in your life? Without a direction, you’ll never get there. Where is there? Happiness and contentment will point the way.

Make it easy.

Take the first step. It should be as small as possible. This one trick removes fear and effort. If you don’t feel a little silly, then the first step isn’t small enough. Keep taking small steps in the direction you just set. Progress adds up quickly.

Make it fun.

Instead of getting started, think of hitting the play button. Make it a game where you rack up points and level up. Fun always wins when distraction comes calling.

Make it social.

Making progress is more fun with friends. Join fellow travelers. They will support you, celebrate every win, hold you accountable and motivate future action. You will feel a part of something bigger than yourself.


Don’t wait for the destination to enjoy success. Celebrate small wins. Celebrate them every step of the way. You will enjoy the journey and inspire fellow travelers in their own efforts.

Recharge with friends and family.

You can’t go full speed without some down time. Remember to cherish loved ones and your connection with this earth. Mix it in at regular intervals to keep your twin tanks of willpower and motivation full. Don’t burn out like a shooting star.

The mind is wired for immediate gratification.

Use this to your advantage by taking one meaningful, small, fun and social step at a time. Your desire for immediate gratification will be fed with each celebration. Procrastination and distraction will be hard pressed to derail you. They’ve been hacked... by you!

That’s how you get started and continue moving in the right direction.

🤔 Food for Thought:

Have you started yet?

What direction are you headed in?

Are you making each step easy and fun?

⚙️ One Small Step:

Take a step in your chosen direction by thinking of the smallest possible thing you can do. Start by showing up. It is perhaps the smallest of steps. Is lacing up your sneakers without running an accomplishment? You bet it is! Next time you can walk outside in those sneakers. And before you know it, you are running a mile... all because you started small.