Start By Showing Up

Showing up is the key to success for three reasons.

“The formula for success is 2% talent, 8% luck, and 90% of showing up every day.” — Jeffrey Fry

Every great endeavor starts with showing up.

You must take the first step for any adventure to begin. Otherwise, you’re a spectator, not a participant. As Stephen Hawking once said, “half the battle is just showing up.”

Three notable things happen when you show up.

1. You accomplish something. You may think merely showing up is silly as an accomplishment, but the mind is funny that way. Lacing up your sneakers before a run IS an accomplishment. It’s a necessary step toward the actual run.

2. You build momentum. It’s small, but not much is required to get you over the hump for what peaks the curiosity or stokes the fires of meaning. Showing up is kindling, and once the fire is stoked, anything is possible.

3. You beat most of the competition. According to Woody Allen, “eighty percent of success is showing up.” While you’re stepping up to the plate, others are still lounging in the dugout of life.

If you’re having trouble getting started with something new or establishing an effective habit, don’t focus on the goal itself. Focus instead on simply showing up. It’s the most difficult to activate and the easiest to accomplish.

Does an athlete go from 0-100% in an instant? Without question, NO! Every athlete knows the importance of activating muscles, warming up connective tissues and focusing the mind. The alternative is a poor performance at best and an injury at worst.

Showing up is the beginning of every pregame ritual. It’s something to pin other pregame activities on. Each activity is a progression designed to safely amp up your energy and build motivation. When showtime arrives, you’re ready to smash that goal!

The next time you consider staying in the dugout of life, focus on showing up. Everything else you do in life depends on it.