“There is an alternative to innovation. It is another path altogether, one that winds so gently up the hill that you hardly notice the climb. It is pleasant to negotiate and soft to tread. And all it requires is that you place one foot in front of the other.” — Robert Maurer

Hi there, fellow life adventurer! My name is William Willis (Coach Willis). I’m so happy that you’re here. I hope you’ll stay and travel with me for a while.

Adventures In Life is a newsletter that explores…

  • Your specific meaning in life and how to find it

  • Who you aspire to be or who you wish to become

  • Effective habits and strategies for reaching your aspirations

  • The compounding power of kaizen (continuous improvement)

  • The use of meaning to heal via logotherapy

Other topics that show up from time to time…

  • Writing to understand

  • Leadership and how everyone must lead

  • Productivity tips on how to better leverage your time

  • Reaching high performance as an individual or as a team

Each weekday I share 1 sketch + 1 quote + 1 atomic essay to challenge and inspire you. All three focus on a specific idea in roughly 300 words or less.

Reflect first on the sketch. How does it speak to you? What does it mean to you?

Then I reflect on the accompanying quote. Does it change your perception of the sketch? Does it challenge you or unlock new insight?

Finally, please enjoy my perspective in the atomic essay. Each one should take about two minutes to read. I keep them focused and short on purpose.

Start the day with the support and inspiration you deserve via our daily walks together. I value your company and perspective on the world. Speaking of the world, it is a better place with you in it, seeking meaning and reaching for your aspirations.

About Coach Willis

I’m a technologist, writer and philosopher. My career in high tech was an amazing journey from developer to technology executive that spanned 30 years. I love technology, but the most rewarding aspect of my career is all of the great teams I’ve grown and nurtured. Over the years, I came to specialize in achieving high performing teams. Such teams provide a psychologically safe environment and value inquiry, continuous improvement, learning and awareness. Lean and agile principles served me well. I continue to live and apply those principles today.

I’m also an athletic coach, a certified USA and NFHS Field Hockey Coach. Each year I coach a High School team of incredible young women. I teach them as much about life as I do field hockey. They teach me much in return. Having to motivate a team to perform at the highest level each day is a challenge, but the championships we’ve won, the support we’ve give each other and the lessons we’ve learned together are priceless.

My experience with athletic coaching and high performing teams in the technology industry have taught me much about life and what each of us is capable of. I hope to share that knowledge with you and learn something in return.

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