You Are An Inspiration

Your work is only meaningful to you when starting out. Publish it often enough, and it becomes meaningful to others.

“You’d be surprised who’s watching your journey and being inspired by it. Don’t quit!” — Steve Harvey

You will never know the true impact of your work.

When you show up, create and publish consistently, you tend to draw attention. Most of this attention will go unnoticed by you, because the people behind the attention don’t reach out. They simply enjoy your work in anonymity.

People may even be inspired by the example you set.

They see how the consistent application of your ideas and methods yields results. Every act builds motivation until they too act. Imagine your influence spreading through others like an ever expanding set of waves, each one stronger than the next.

Knowing people appreciate your work is a powerful motivator, so how can you know?

If you are just starting out, motivation must come from meaning. Your focus is showing up each day, building effective habits and acting with deliberate practice. You are simultaneously building a belief in your own work and credibility with passersby.

What good is inspiring others when you disappoint them with inconsistent action?

At some point, you will start receiving occasional, heartfelt messages from the people you inspire. These messages may seem sparse, even erratic at times. But they are a sign of your work having an impact. You can safely assume there are others too busy or shy to reach out.

Congratulations! Not only are you doing something meaningful, but people are now watching you... and getting inspired.

There are certainly ways to detect the people you inspire.

  • Newsletters and social media provide useful metrics.

  • Active engagement uncovers hidden admirers.

  • Comments are golden compared to likes, claps, etc.

Despite your best efforts, many watchers will remain largely out of reach. And that’s okay. Let them enjoy your work as they wish. Take comfort in the messages you do get. Engage where you can.

Above all, don’t quit. You are no longer alone.

Consider these words I heard for the first time only two months into my creator’s journey...

“I look for your essay at 8 o’clock every morning. It is now a part of my daily routine. And man, they are so inspiring. Thank you!”

That comment sent chills down my spine, brought tears to my eyes and then almost gave me a panic attack. Someone out there is expecting these? They are part of a daily routine? And they are inspiring? Woah!

And that’s how it happens... out of the blue when you least expect it.