Why Everyone Should Write

Writing is the act of valuing your own voice and giving your untold stories life.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” — Maya Angelou

The untold stories inside of you are little treasures to the world.

They speak to you often, seeking your attention, wanting to break free. While other people may have similar stories, yours bear a unique perspective found nowhere else across space and time. Writing those stories begins with valuing your own voice.

“I’m too busy.” Are you really? What if you start by writing just one sentence a day? Each sentence would take less than a minute. Across seven days and only seven minutes lie seventy or more words... a good beginning.

“I’m not a writer.” As with any skill, writing improves with each deliberate act. The truth is... no one is a master of writing. Even those considered as such can never truly achieve what is asymptotic in nature. Focus on the story. The rest will work itself out.

“Nobody cares what I think.” Almost eight billion people walk this earth, many of them mere keystrokes away. Despite what you think, some of them will enjoy your stories. They will resonate deeply as shared experiences.

Putting untold stories to paper is liberating... cathartic even. Writing is an opportunity for dialogue with yourself, a chance to works things out. It is a vehicle for developing and connecting ideas from you experiences.

Writing provides a form of immortality. Your words live on. They endure. Your stories, no matter the size, impact the lives of others in ways you can never foresee.

Start small. Write a little each day. Before long, the pen will move of its own accord. The words will flow, one after the other. Your stories will take form. They will come to life.

Your stories need to be told, and you are the best person to tell them.

Set them free.