Where Real Solutions Lie

Look in the dark, uncomfortable places.

“When life gets scary and difficult, we tend to look for solutions in places where it is easy or at least familiar to do so, and not in the dark, uncomfortable places where real solutions might lie.‍” — Robert Maurer

Perspective is the driving factor in facing obstacles. It determines how you view circumstances. It means the difference between treating the symptom vs. the root cause. It means reacting vs. advancing.

The mind is amazing in its ability to shape reality. Allow ancient desires to control your response to obstacles or turn inward to examine your perception objectively.

To be objective is to...

  • Steady your inner emotions

  • Sharpen your resolve

  • Challenge yourself to face the truth of the matter

  • Accept what you cannot change

  • Turn an obstacle to your advantage

Objectiveness shines the bright light of reason on the scary, dark places of the mind. It chases away irrational fear. It soothes the fight or flight response that rises so quickly to your defense.

Being objective takes practice. It is akin to a muscle, strengthened through deliberate practice.

With objectiveness comes clarity. Use those moments of clarity, initially brief but eventually more persistent, to overcome fear, uncertainty and doubt.

This tension between ancient, emotion-driven desires and self reflection is uniquely human. The former is rooted in the mammal part of your brain as a protective mechanism against threats. The latter is rooted in the cortex where critical thinking and creativity reside.

Understanding the nature of your fears and your innate ability to be objective gives you great power over any obstacle. Use it. Develop it. And in so doing, you will find real solutions to real problems.