Where Are You Going?

If you don't know, then your destination is nowhere.

“If you do not know where you are going, every road will get you nowhere.” — Henry Kissinger

The path to your dreams begins with two simple statements.

The first represents your new identity, the second how you will be remembered. One captures meaning and purpose. The other celebrates the achievement of both.

The first statement is an aspiration.

It requires a concise representation of your purpose (What?) followed by the meaning (Why?) within which it takes root. Purpose cannot exist without meaning. It would be like entering a labyrinth with no means of navigation.

  • What: What will you become? What great work are you destined for?

  • Why: Why must you become this person? Why must you complete this great work? Where lies the intrinsic reward?

Now put them together.

I am a coach, because I find joy in helping people realize their dreams.

This is my aspiration of being a coach. It states clearly what I will become and why it is meaningful. It serves as my compass on the path of life.

The second statement honors your grandest achievements in life.

It is a constant reminder of your own mortality, an epitaph of sorts. It clarifies, focuses and inspires. Keep it to one sentence, lest your memory be muddled.

He guided millions of people from dream to reality and lit up the world with meaning and purpose.

This is my one sentence. It is how I want to be remembered. It is a concise representation of where my journey ends on this earth.

Now think about your aspiration and one sentence.

The path will be winding and fraught with impediments, but you will have the compass of purpose and meaning. You will have the destination clearly fixed in your mind.

Godspeed, fellow traveler!

🤔 Food for Thought:

What is your highest aspiration in life?

What is your one sentence?

How would having both affect your day-to-day decisions?

⚙️ One Small Step:

If unsure of your highest aspiration, simply find happiness each day. With each joyful experience, think about how you might create something of value through it. As long as you find happiness, there is no rush. Your meaning and purpose will beckon.