What Are Your Life Principles?

They are the roots of your life.

“Let your thoughts be ruled by principle, and then live up to your thoughts.” — Wallace D. Wattles

Have you ever written your core principles down?

I reflected on this question recently. Shockingly, I have yet to write down any of my own principles. They exist in my notes. They float around in my head. But they should be front and center every day.

If you are in the same boat, let’s do this together!

  1. Start with just a few principles.

  2. Provide a summary of each one in your own words.

  3. Put them somewhere prominent as inspiration and motivation.

  4. Review and update the list each week.

I’m going for extra credit with the five life principles currently at the forefront of my mind. Each one has proven incredibly valuable to me as someone seeking a virtuous and happy life.

The meaning of life is unique to you. Find your "thing." Focus on action with intrinsic rewards. Adopt the flow mindset of a child. Prioritize love, happiness and fulfillment.

Actions form your identity. You ARE what you DO. You can dream up another person in your head, but action is a requirement. Do what the person you aspire to be would do.

Small, continuous improvements compound over time. Place small bets. Limit the blast radius of failure. Improve continuously through deliberate practice. Leverage the power of compounding through consistency.

Positive events require celebration. Negativity tends to stand out in memories. Enjoy life's journey to the fullest by celebrating every win, no matter how small. Celebration amplifies the good in your life.

Small gestures benefit from network effects. Your kindness to one person promotes kindness to others. Each small gesture ripples out like a wave, gaining in strength as it touches more lives.

These principles are now front and center in the “home note” of my note-making system. I will see them multiple times a day and be reminded of what is most important in my life.

If you do the same, we can compare notes when we meet. I look forward to the wisdom you have gained!