The Great Wheel of Coaching

Growth is a wheel on the path between who you are and who you can be. A great coach keeps the wheel turning.

“You get the best effort from others not by lighting a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within.” — Bob Nelson

A coach helps you see the best in yourself.

The true path of success runs through the heart. The coach guides. The individual or team walks the path. It is a journey of discovery where potential is forged into reality.

Imagine a great wheel revolving along the path. Each revolution is an iteration, a new version of you. A coach sets the wheel in motion and keeps it turning.

A coach starts by getting to know two people: the person you are and the person you can be. The difference between the two is your potential. You see a small gap between the two, but a coach sees the vast distance separating them.

The wheel turns.

A coach then sets the stage for what CAN be. You are shown a vision of what is possible. At first you balk at what is perceived to be impossible. Surely you are not capable of such a thing, but the vision activates your latent potential. A seed is planted.

The wheel turns.

A coach then tests you. You view the test as unreasonable, but a coach knows growth is impossible without stretching the limits of what you are capable of. You go into the test knowing what to expect but not understanding.

The wheel turns.

A coach then nurtures you. You often fail the test. You break down and second guess the vision. You say... “I failed.” A coach says... “You experienced. You learned. Now try again and grow.” Sometimes failure repeats, but the sting of it lessens.

The wheel turns.

A coach then watches you succeed. What you once perceived as too difficult clicks into place. Knowledge becomes wisdom. An increment of potential is converted. The seed germinates. Growth is achieved.

The wheel turns.

You are ready for the next iteration.

The cycle repeats. The wheel keeps turning. You continue growing, converting one increment of potential at a time.