The Best Things In Life

What we we cannot possess brings the most meaning in our lives.

“The best things in life aren’t things.” — Art Buchwald

There is a special time of year when I meet my patrolling carpenter bee friend.

Actually, it is usually the next generation. I dub each one with the name Bob. Some people view these little creatures as pests, but I can’t help but stare in wonder and smile when I see Bob.

He often hovers in the air like a little UFO, sometimes drifting over to give me a stern look before heading back to guard the steps against invading insects.

Bob reminds me of the beauty and impermanence of nature. He also reminds me of what is most important in life. It is those little moments of firsts or lasts. It is those special times when everything in the world seems aligned with peace and contentment.

I had a lovely Mother’s Day brunch with my beautiful wife this past weekend. The day was sunny. The people around us were happy. The scenery of green grass and flowers created a riot of bright colors in the perfect backdrop. We chatted about this and that, but it was nice to just enjoy each other’s company.

It reminds me of other non-things in my life:

  • Past moments visiting family members I don’t see often

  • Enjoying the last days with my little dog Roxy

  • A recent trip abroad in Italy with my family

Simpler non-things can be just as powerful:

  • A quiet meal with the family when all is well

  • The first day of warm weather in spring

  • Blooming of the cherry blossoms

  • A double rainbow

We spend much of our life chasing material rewards, money chiefly among them. Beyond a certain point of security and comfort, it is the non-things that matter most.

Take advantage of those non-things. They are rare in the span of one lifetime and leave lasting impressions. They bring comfort and spiritual healing.