Progress Is Its Own Reward

Perfection is not the point. Progressing is.

“Have no fear of perfection... you’ll never reach it.” — Salvador Dali

We shoot for perfection and always fall short.

What is it that impels us toward something we can never reach? Like a moth to the flame, we cannot help but reach for the light.

Curiosity is where it all starts. Something catches our interest, and we blast off like a rocket to the moon. The initial ascent is heady and deeply rewarding. Progress comes easy. We feel almost invincible... like anything is possible.

But at some point, progress slows. We meet the internal resistance of what is possible. We come down from the euphoria of fast gains like crashing from a sugar high.

The true test now begins. How much harder do we push for minimal gains? How much is it worth? How much does it MEAN?

Watch children closely as they play. You’ll see this process of discovery repeated in rapid succession. This is how they learn... how WE learn.

Perfection is not the goal. It is simply something to aim for when sampling the infinite variety of experiences in this universe. Tasting new things, experiencing the joy of flow, progressing and growing is the point.

There are times when pushing through resistance is worth the effort. Those areas of our lives are THE most meaningful, and it is MEANING that provides the second stage of propulsion to the moon.

Don’t fret about achieving perfection. Recognize the drive within you for what it is. You want to learn. You want to grow. You want to be better. Allow yourself to try new things and progress as a human being.

Never reaching perfection is okay, because progress is its own reward. Every experience changes you. Revel in each growth spurt while you search for what ignites the second stage.