Make Your Own Luck

Don't wait for opportunity to fall in your lap. Seek it out.

“Fish where the fish are.” — Charlie Munger

Courting opportunity is like fishing.

The poor angler fishes in empty waters. The rich one fishes in plentiful waters.

Seneca once said “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” There is skill in finding opportunities and preparing to meet them. Make your own luck by investing in both.

Preparation is the development of habits, skills and systems in anticipation of opportunity:

  • Get your reps in.

  • Hone form and function.

  • Drill your response to opportunity.

  • Control emotions and perception through objectivity.

  • Experiment with failure scenarios and plan your response.

The mental aspects of this game are treacherous. Hard work with no guarantee of opportunity? What is the point? Just as you give in to such thoughts, opportunity arises and finds you unprepared.

You must play the long game, even when the entire universe seems aligned against you. Opportunity WILL come, often when you least expect it. Keep putting one foot in front of the other with one small improvement after another.

Opportunity need not be driven by serendipity. The probability of luck striking increases when opportunity is actively sought after.

There is as reason why the best practitioners in the world appear so lucky. Not only do they prepare relentlessly, they put themselves in opportunity rich environments.

Just as a skilled angler knows where fish congregate in a lake, so too must you seek out opportunity-rich waters:

  • Find your tribe. → Seek out like-minded people and future fans.

  • Show your work. → You don't win the lottery without a ticket.

  • Show your value. → Be your own advocate for credibility.

  • Listen for what resonates. → What are people engaging with?

Don't wait for opportunity to strike. Find waters rich in opportunity and be prepared for the harvest.

Are you prepared for opportunity?

Whenever your efforts seem pointless, remember that you must be ready to meet opportunity. All of your work WILL pay off, but only if you are ready.

Are you waiting out opportunity?

Actively seek it out. Find the best fishing holes and cast a line.