Live In the Moment

Yesterday is a memory. Tomorrow may never come. You only have this moment.

“Forever is composed of nows.” — Emily Dickinson

What does it mean to “live in the moment?”

For me it means letting go of past regrets and the fear of what tomorrow will bring. It means living today to the fullest knowing today may be your last day. Every second of this short life is a blessing. Draw out every moment.

Tomorrow is no guarantee, nor is today. We only have this moment. So... How do you live in the moment?

Stop focusing on things. Enjoy experiences instead with all senses set at the widest aperture. The non-things in life bring happiness and warm memories.

Don’t worry about the future. Make the best decisions you can in service of your dreams, and then accept the result for better or worse. You cannot control external influences, only how you perceive them and react to them.

Don’t obsess over past mistakes. Each mistake is just as important as every success in making you who you are today. You have the power to become something new in this moment. Choose to look forward with no regrets.

Give freely and spread kindness. You can choose to smile at the world and freely dispense small gestures of kindness. There will be moments of grief and suffering, but don’t allow them to foment bitterness and regret.

Forgive those who have wronged you. Reconcile if you can. Otherwise, realize you choose to bear this weight. Let it go. It does not define you.

Loose track of time in present moments of flow. Seek out what is meaningful, engage curiosity and experiment with play. Skip from one moment of flow to the next as children do.

Don’t just dream about the future, act in the moment. Make each step toward those dreams rewarding. Celebrate every small win. The destination is not guaranteed, so you must enjoy the experience.

Live in the moment with these approaches to life. Practice them as you would any skill. The world will brighten and respond in kind.