Life Has Other Plans

It has a knack for disrupting your own plans in favor of its own.

“Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.” ― Allen Saunders

A tornado rapidly approaches.

You never planned for such a thing. That tornado is Life. It often surprises you with one challenge after another. Life can undo the best laid plan with ruthless efficiency in mere moments.

Or so it seems.

Does Life simply have other plans?
Is Life nudging you in a different direction?
Are you stubbornly refusing to acknowledge?

Is Life simply challenging you?
How much does your heading matter?
Will you find a way to travel in that direction?

Is Life simply chaotic in nature?
Is the disruption of your plans indiscriminate?
Is this a test of wills against a mindless, unfathomable foe?

You can assign all manner of motives to Life, but the result is the same. It has a knack of waylaying every plan. And like a giant stepping on your sand castle, it moves on... oblivious to your pain.

Instead of assigning meaning to Life’s perceived machinations, focus on what you can control:

  • Always plan for things to go awry.

  • Be certain of your plan’s underlying purpose.

  • Learn from every challenge and grow stronger for it.

  • Remain patient and undeterred while pursuing your plan’s purpose.

Don’t accept defeat at the first sign of trouble.

Storms are a natural occurrence on any journey. They may blow you off course. Wondrous new lands may appear. Every journey changes you and requires adjustments.

Life may have other plans... real or imagined. Accept this reality. Forge ahead.

🤔 Food for Thought:

Have you ever known a plan to go without a hitch?

Do you focus on what you CAN control?

⚙️ One Small Step:

The next time you plan for something, define a clear purpose and shoot holes in it. The former will guide you in making quick decisions if you are upended in a ditch. The latter will force you to confront the reality of Life and alternate paths.