Letting Go of My Furry Little Friend

Farewell little Roxy, until we meet again.

“Happiness is a warm puppy.” — Charles Schulz

Today my little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Roxy left this life for another.

She waits for me and my wife Lisa in the endless green meadow with sunshine and play. One day we will meet her there and cross the Rainbow Bridge together. Until then, she will live in our hearts.

Roxy needed help on her way to ease her suffering. It is something we dreaded, but as I look back on it, she passed peacefully in our arms surrounded by boundless, unconditional love. We took her pain and made it our own.

I don’t often shed tears, but they run freely today for the terrible loss we feel. This amazing little fur ball captured our hearts as a pup and never let go. The sorrow we feel is the price we must pay for the twelve years of love and unforgettable memories.

Our little Roxy was the runt of her litter, but she was the toughest dog we’ve ever known. She was also gentle and playful, full of love and happiness. If I could bottle up those emotions, the container would resemble her.

I often wonder how such a little creature can capture hearts without uttering a single word. Dogs are the perfect companion for us humans. They compliment us. They comfort and support us. I can’t imagine life without them. It would surely be a life diminished.

I have grown philosophical at this stage of my life, and Roxy taught me more about life than any revered philosopher. She is a constant reminder to...

  • Stay strong.

  • Limit complaint.

  • Live in the moment.

  • Love unconditionally.

  • Enjoy small moments.

  • Play with wild abandon.

Thanks to Roxy, I know where true happiness lies. It is with the people and creatures of Earth you love, who magnify and reflect that love never asking for anything in return.

Play on my dear little friend until one day we meet again. I have more to do here, but I won’t be long. See you soon, peanut.