How to Give as a Creator

Create → Share → Support → Coach

“Create. Not for the money. Not for the fame. Not for the recognition. But for the pure joy of creating something and sharing it.” ― Ernest Barbaric

The first act of giving is what you create.

Creating is a gift to yourself, a reward for putting ideas into motion. The moments of flow achieved make the experience even more rewarding. Intrinsic motivation powers the creator fire.

At some point, you wonder what others might think of your creations. How do you know without publishing them? How else do you assess their true value?

The second act of giving is sharing what you create.

There is little response initially. Curious, you seek out fellow travelers and other creations of value. You are rewarded with new ideas and perspectives, both of which are channeled back into your creations.

Engagement with others ensues and inevitably leads to interest in what you create. You become seen and heard. Precious feedback appears unsolicited, barely a trickle at first but eventually a steady stream.

The third act of giving is supporting fellow creators.

Many others are behind you on the creator journey. They struggle in similar ways. They ask similar questions. They want their creations to be valued. They too seek acknowledgment.

Sharing your journey and small gestures of kindness attracts others. Doing so with an open heart and mind amplifies the effect. You inspire others. They inspire you in return.

The fourth act of giving is sharing the knowledge you have gained.

The act of creation is filled with experimentation. You try many things, failing and succeeding in turn. Knowledge becomes wisdom. Skills are assembled and honed from effective habits.

Something interesting happens when you share knowledge so openly. Credibility is gained. Trust is established. You become known for something.

Don’t be fooled by shortcuts. Don’t lead with an ask. Always lead with giving. It is the most sustainable path to success.