Gather Strength As You Go

Life will test you repeatedly. Choose to see each trial as an opportunity to gather strength.

“We acquire the strength we have overcome.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are born helpless and dependent.

It takes many years to become self sufficient. Each year is full of exploration in incremental steps toward independence. We live, flow, suffer and soar.

Vires acquirit eundo.

As awareness grows, we realize life is a mixed bag of trial and opportunity. Each trial tests our will to survive. Each opportunity tests our will to grow. In overcoming trials and rising to opportunity, we gather strength.

The stronger we grow...

  • The more we can bear.

  • The further we can reach.

  • The higher we dare climb.

Many people choose to see impediments as irritants or immovable objects, but I choose to see them for what they truly are... as chances to acquire more strength. In this way, life is an endless test of strength. We acquire what we have overcome. We level up.

Vires acquirit eundo.

Opportunities once out of reach become possible. Dreams become reality. Impossible feats become everyday occurrences. The vast, uncaring universe gets a little smaller.

If the human race avoids fizzling out like a flare, we will one day fill the universe and uncover its secrets. The universe waits for us to gather the necessary strength.

The most difficult impediments are of the mind. Unfetter yourself. Remove self imposed limits.

Don’t accept what is merely possible today. Proudly face every trial and maximize every opportunity. Reach for more. Climb higher. Break through barriers. Smash through ceilings.

And gather strength as you go. Vires acquirit eundo.