Face the Storm

Stop running from the inevitable. Face it head on.

“In winter the buffalo used to face the storms, instead of turning tail and ‘drifting’ before them helplessly, as domestic cattle do.” — William T. Hornaday

There is a storm on the horizon.

Do you run toward it or away from it? The buffalo runs into the teeth of the storm, thereby swiftening its passing. The cow runs away from the storm, thereby prolonging the pain of it.

Choose to be the buffalo.

Life throws all manner of storms into your path. The natural reflex is to flee before it, but the storm always catches you from behind. Continue running in the same direction, and the storm rages on longer than necessary.

Marcus Aurelius wrote in his journal... “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.”

A storm advancing toward you first appears as an impediment. The only way to avoid it is away or around. As it turns out, the storm IS the way. The quickest route is through it, head on with no hesitation.

Stop running away from the storms in your life. You are just prolonging the inevitable pain. Embrace it. Accept it. Siphon off its energy and make it your own.

The buffalo has yet another lesson to teach. When faced with a blizzard of accumulating snow, it seeks shelter in a valley or system of ravines and patiently waits. It is wise enough to know the difference between a storm and a blizzard.

Some impediments, like the storm, must be faced head on. Others, like the blizzard, must be allowed to pass, lest you be caught floundering in deep snow and set upon by hungry wolves. Be wise like the buffalo. Know the difference.

Under no circumstances must you turn tail and run helplessly like the cow. It will only prolong your suffering.


🤔 Food for Thought:

Were you the buffalo or the cow? What are you now?

How many storms have you run from only to be overtaken?


⚙️ One Small Step:

The next time darkness approaches, determine if it is a storm or a blizzard. For the storm, face it and even charge through it. For a blizzard, find a safe place to settle, and wait for it to pass.