Defeat Is Something You Accept

Challenges are inevitable, but defeat is not.

“I’ve never lost a game. I just ran out of time.” — Michael Jordan

We started the season with two astonishing wins.

Then we suffered a crushing defeat. Or did we? You see, defeat is not something you experience. It is something you accept.

Like failure, it holds no power over the children of excellence.

We knew going into this game it would be a tall order to win. We are a young team and a brand new program. We had not yet faced the speed and efficiency of an experienced team.

We made mistakes. We performed heroic efforts. We met opportunity and were found unprepared. We could see the path to victory, but we were not ready to climb its lofty heights...YET.

In addition to unveiling the path, we gained much wisdom:

  • We learned to match the speed of the opponent.

  • We observed their strengths and weaknesses.

  • We adjusted and grew stronger during the game.

  • We continue learning and growing from the experience.

We needed the sting of a greater opponent to unlock new levels of growth.

This was no defeat. The game does not end at the sound of the buzzer. We will face them again. The game continues. Each time we play, the gap of excellence will close. One day we will reach the path and surpass them.

Step by step, one drop of sweat at a time, we are relentless in this pursuit. Nothing and no one will stand in our way. Can they say the same?

Here lies excellence in the heart of a champion. Defeat is never accepted. Only victory remains and the path to it.

🤔 Food for Thought:

What does defeat mean to you?

Have you ever accepted a loss as a defeat?

Can you simply see it as a challenge on the way to victory?

⚙️ One Small Step:

Challenges in life are inevitable. You alone determine if each one is a defeat or the seed of victory. The next time you feel its sting, choose to see it as a key to unlocking higher levels of excellence. Learn from it.