Creators Need A Campfire

Creators must walk their own path. Why must they do it alone?

“The echoes of beauty you’ve see transpire, Resound through dying coals of a campfire.” — Ernest Hemingway

Being a creator in this new creator economy is a difficult, often lonely journey.

What is my value to the world? Am I on the right path? Is anything resonating out there? How can I make a living doing what I find meaningful?

The path a creator walks MUST be uncomfortable and even painful at times, for growth does not come from comfort. Every system must be stressed for adaptation to occur.

As a writer, I have learned to embrace discomfort. As a coach, I have guided many through the crucibles of their own heroes journeys.

Resources are springing up everywhere to aid creators. Most of them cater to a specific craft, but the most successful among them have one essential component in common: COMMUNITY.

We all crave the presence of others, those fellow travelers. There is comfort in numbers, in knowing we are not alone in this struggle. We all want a safe place to rest, if only for the night. We long to share our experiences. We long to simply be acknowledged.

The campfire is the ancient heart of civilization. It is a place of safety from the night and its dangers. It is a place of sharing and rest after a day of hard travel. We are not so far removed from what still echoes in our shared memory.

No creator should walk the path alone or go unacknowledged. When the sun sets on each day of the creator’s journey, let’s ensure a welcome campfire crackles nearby.

Dear traveler, rest with us for a while as the sun meets the earth in its daily ritual. Put down your burdens and warm yourself by the fire. Be greeted with a smile and a nod. Tell us tales of your adventures.

You have many more miles to travel toward your aspirations, but those next steps can wait until morning when the sun rises to meet you once more on the path.