Creator Campfires

A community-first gathering of creators.

“Community is a place where the connections felt in our hearts make themselves known in the bonds between people, and where the tuggings and pullings of those bonds keep opening our hearts.” — Parker J. Palmer

Creators love community.

The benefits are manifold: support, accountability, fellow travelers, constructive feedback and meaningful friendships just to name a few.

I aim to offer a different kind of community. It takes the form of a campfire. Imagine creators sitting around a welcoming campfire after a hard day’s travel. They swap stories of their journeys while gazing at the stars. They support and encourage each other in a safe, intimate setting.

It is community first, interest area second. Around the campfire, we learn and practice valuable skills for supporting each other. In the process, we learn much about ourselves as human beings, what is meaningful and how to achieve it.

The Six Pillars of the Campfire...

Giving: Giving is the heart of the campfire. It is necessary to establish trust, credibility and value. We learn the art of giving and how to balance it with the solitude of our creative endeavors.

Guiding: We find answers on the path with guidance from fellow travelers. We learn the art of questioning, active listening and coaching. Answers are uncovered through the lens of objectivity provided by others.

Storytelling: Everyone becomes a storyteller around the campfire. We share tales of our adventures and the people we’ve met along the way. Much can be learned from the path others have traveled and the wisdom they have gained.

Action: The actions you take are the steps along your path. We learn how to find meaning, identify aspirations rooted in meaning, achieve measurable results and enjoy every step of the creator journey.

Accountability: We learn how to be responsible with our aspirations and each other in a psychologically safe environment. We use the kind expectations of camp mates to cut through resistance.

Celebration: Small rewards are necessary for a successful journey, so we learn to celebrate the successes of our camp mates as if they were our own. Every win, regardless of size, is cause for celebration!

My goal is to connect creators with fellow travelers who can support them at any stage of their journey. I want the countryside dotted with creator campfires reflecting the night sky. When a weary creator seeks a place of communion with fellow travelers, a welcome campfire will never be far from the path.

Who is ready to go camping, creator style?