Create the Future You Desire

When you have a future in mind, you can focus on the choices that get you closer.

“Leaders make decisions that create the future they desire.” — Mike Murdock

How do you create the future you desire?

Make decisions based on who you aspire to be. Does a choice get you closer? If yes, pull the trigger. If not, reconsider. This life is short. There is little time to waste on the person you do not aspire to be.

Your future is not rooted in your past. As a human being, you have the power and free will to change at any instant, to become whoever you want to be. This is why it is best to make decisions based on the future you.

How do you choose the person you aspire to be?

  • Don’t focus on material outcomes.

  • Do focus on what is meaningful in your life.

When it comes to meaning, look for moments of flow where you lose track of time. Pay close attention to work or activities with inherent rewards. Look for moments of great happiness and fulfillment beckoning you to revisit. If unsure, make note of them in the moment as you go about each day.

Take a few minutes to review “Who do you aspire to be?” Come up with a shortlist of aspirations and settle on one initially. Not every decision must be made for this future you. Focus on the following areas to get started:

  • Big life decisions

  • What to work on

  • What NOT to work on

  • Who to associate with (your tribe)

Don’t fret about making perfect decisions. It will take some practice at first. Just make the best decisions you can with your new aspiration in mind. Each decision should get you one step closer. If you end up heading in the wrong direction, just course correct with the next decision.

The path to the future you is not a straight one. As long as you have a good understanding of the future you desire, decisions are made with intention and purpose.

Celebrate the growth and wisdom you achieve along the way!