Community Powers Creators

It is the welcome breeze in billowing sails.

“We have all known the long loneliness, and we have found that the answer is community.” — Dorothy Day

The art of creation is an internal war.

Battles are fought each day against Resistance. The closer one gets to greatness, the more difficult the struggle becomes. The best among us know this well, along with the toll it takes on the solitary creator.

Community is the wind in my sails.

Without it, I would struggle in silence. The path is often lonely and unforgiving. Life demands much from me in exchange for the privilege of creation, and fellow travelers make all the difference.

Shall I count the ways? Perhaps but a few...

Community listens and provides signal. No longer must one shout into the void. There is a community for every creator and people within it eager to commune.

Community provides support when needed most. Every creator wonders at the point of it all sometimes. In those low moments, fellow travelers carry each other until the weight can be born again.

Community inspires. The creations of others are not those of rivals but of friends deserving of celebration. Each achievement inspires further creation and expands the limits of what was once thought to be impossible.

Community motivates. When walking the path with others, there is a deep yearning to be valued and to never disappoint. When matched with kind souls generous in their encouragement, there is no mountain too high to surmount in their honor.

I have experienced the act of creation alone and in the presence of others.

The only path I will ever travel alone is the one leading from this life to the next. Until then, I will enjoy the fellowship of others and revel in their creation as much as mine. I wish the same for you.

🤔 Food for Thought:

Have you experienced the long loneliness as a creator?

How has community made a difference for you?

⚙️ One Small Step:

You need not travel alone. Look for other creators who resonate with you. Engage them daily if possible by sharing what you value most about their work. Before long, you are walking the path with another. The echo you hear is not your own voice but that of another.