Choose Yourself

Stop asking for permission from people who are too busy to give it.

Stop asking permission. You don’t need it.
Stop waiting to be chosen. Choose yourself.
— Joanna Penn

I once thought I needed a signal from someone to do what I loved.

Asking for Permission

I put in the work each day. I was honest, loyal and willing to "pay my dues." I stayed in my lane and hoped someone would notice. What a good little worker I was.

I waited patiently for my chance to shine, for those leading the charge to pass the baton as they moved on. I had my moments. Victories were plentiful. But I wanted more... I NEEDED more.

I put my future in the hands of people who were busy chasing their own aspirations. I wanted a chance to lead companies. That chance never came.

I was right about work ethic, honesty and loyalty. I was dead wrong about waiting or even asking for permission.

After 50 years of life trading time for money building businesses for other people, I finally decided to strike out on my own.

Choosing Myself

I feel like an impostor every day. Putting myself out there and being my own advocate is frightening at times. It’s also exhilarating!

I’m unconstrained. I meet amazing, like-minded people every day. MY people.

We share our journeys, and in so doing, realize that everyone goes through the same struggle. No one has it all figured out. We hustle. We put ideas into action. We iterate. We figure things out along the way.

So what are YOU waiting for? Stop asking for permission from people who are too busy to give it. Choose yourself!

Join the rest of us mad scientists on this great adventure in life. Find your meaning and chase after it. You'll figure out the rest along the way... just like everyone else.

Some Questions to Consider

Take stock of your own life for just a few minutes. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I waiting to be noticed?

  • Am I asking for permission?

If you answered YES to either one of those questions, I encourage you to follow my path. Be your own advocate. Put yourself out there and experiment with your ideas.

Please reach out if you need a little guidance. Join the vibrant builder community for support and encouragement. We've been waiting for you.