A Seed Must Be Buried to Grow

What at first suffocates, yields the necessary material for growth.

“They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.” ― Dinos Christianopoulos

They buried you.

But you are a seed. Without knowing, they provided the one thing you needed to grow. Soil! It presses in from every direction, suffocating at first. Tears of pain wet the earth.

All seems lost.

This season of winter is a harsh one. So many regrets! So much left undone! But as with all seasons, there must be an end. A new season begins. Winter precedes spring.

You begin to grow anew.

Roots spread in every direction, hidden at first from view. Soon after, you burst into the light of day, stretching toward the sun and heavens above. Reborn! Recast from the very material used to bury you.

Life turns over endlessly like a well plowed field.

The seasons of your life ebb and flow as does the tide. What at first seems hopeless, derives a new hope found in rebirth. Every end is a new beginning.

The seasons of your life make and remake you.

Some are harsh and unforgiving. Others are times of growth and renewal. Every season, regardless of intensity and duration, adds layers as does time to a tree. Strength and wisdom are gathered along the way.

Growth requires discomfort.

Life demands it of you. How else does the seed become the tree? Look around and see the truth of it. Nature is terribly cruel and bountiful. All life cycles through this duality... testing, strengthening and adapting.

They buried you. But you are a seed.

🤔 Food for Thought:

Do you remember the last winter season of your life?

Do you remember the sting of pain and regret?

What emerged from winter into spring?

⚙️ One Small Step:

The next time life tests you, think not of the pain and discomfort. Dwell not on what is out of your control. You now know they precede growth. Think instead of how you must adapt. Focus on it intently. Emerge stronger and wiser as nature requires.